This Season of Life

When God created the world, He designed it with seasons.  The continual parade of seasonal beauty is one of the things we often find pleasure in.

At a micro-level, God’s perfect design also means our bodies are designed around daily (circadian) rhythms.  Scientist are only now finding and understanding the God-designed clocks in our brain and in certain cells of our bodies.

With all of these rhythms, it is not a surprise that our lives seem to move through a natural rhythm of seasons.  There are seasons of quiet when nothing seems to be happening, followed by new things, followed by times of growth and times of harvest.  I think of them as spring, summer, fall and winter.

For me, I’ve seen these seasons in my marriage, my quiet time, my spiritual growth, my relationships, and even in my vocation.

While I love the times of new things and struggle when everything seems quiet, I’ve been comforted knowing that these seasons are ALL used by the Holy Spirit.

When my soul is experiencing a winter, I know that there are things planted in me that will eventually spring up, surprising me that God was at work even in the dry and cold times.  Some of us lean toward self-criticism because we are impatient with the growth of our marital intimacy.  Yet God often does His deepest work in the winter’s we walk through.

Remember to be kind to yourself and your spouse in those times.  Rest that the Holy Spirit is doing a deeper work in both you. God is always at work.  Trust in Him who never sleeps or slumbers.

Discuss these questions with your spouse!

What season is your marriage in?  Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter?  Why do you believe that?  How do you feel to be there?

In what ways are you impatient with your marriage?  Where are you secretly frustrated with your marital growth?

How could you trust the H.S. more when you are not seeing the change you desire in your marriage?

Psalm 1:3      Proverbs 20:4       Acts 14:17      2 Timothy 4:2



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