In 1995, Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott published the book, Saving your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS).  It incorporated over 20 years of feedback, research and professional experience working with couples.

Originally SYMBIS was for couples entering marriage, but since then, the Parrotts have expanded SYMBIS to work with married couples and those considering remarriage.

They now offer an online SYMBIS Assessment to help couples get the mentoring and encouragement they need.  The Assessment is available through certified facilitators.

For $55, you can take the Assessment online.  Then we will work with you to apply the recommendations it provides for your marriage.

Below is more information about the assessment and a form you can submit if you want more information!

Symbis and Symbis+ are Relational Assessments

for Engaged, Married and Previously-Married Couples.


Symbis provides a personalized road map
to making marriage everything it was meant to be.


Developed over 20 years ago, by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott,
and based on their “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” book,
SYMBIS helps couples beat the odds.


As Certified SYMBIS Facilitators we work with couples to do marriage mentoring and evaluating the results of the SYMBIS Assessment.

Spend 30 Minutes on the Questions

You can take the assessment on any screen – laptop, tablet or phone. And it only takes about 30 minutes.  Then submit it!

We Gather and Analyze It All

Sit back and relax while we put your results together and create a treasure-trove of new insights for your relationship.

Start Enjoying Deeper Intimacy

Take advantage of your customized report and live the marriage of your dreams. Your happily ever after starts today!

Engaged & Planning?

Great!  Then you need all of the support you can get in building a great relationship.

Having a perfect wedding won’t prepare you for a better marriage. But SYMBIS will!  So invest in your relationship now!

Preparing for a Blended Marriage?

SYMBIS+ is for couples considering remarriage too!

Strengthen your upcoming marriage by deepening your understanding of yourselves and future spouse.  SYMBIS+ offers a an in-depth opportunity to discuss the deeper things of the heart.

Take the SYMBIS+ assessment and we will have you talking about who you are, why you are and how each of you together can be a stronger couple.

Married & more?

SYMBIS+ is for married couples!

Most married couples wish there was a way to to deepen their understanding of themselves and their spouse.   An opportunity to discuss the deeper things of the heart.

Take the SYMBIS+ assessment and we will have you talking about who you are, why you are and how each of you together can be a stronger couple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the Assessment Cover?

SYMBIS has multiple sections.

The Assessment begins with your Marriage Momentum, a summary of the assessment from the following four areas.

The first is “MINDSET” which explores how you view marriage.  Couples often see marriage in different ways and understanding your spouse’s mindset will help you relate better.

Then the assessment explores “WELLBEING“.  Each of us brings history into our marriage.  WELLBEING explores our self-image, maturity, independence and highlights any caution flags for more exploration.

Next is “CONTEXT” which explores the relationships we influence our marriage.  Our friends, family, in-laws, and faith community.  It challenges us to consider how our marriage is impacted by these relationships and where we need to build support.  Next the assessment looks at Money and your relationship, Expectations and your relationship and any Remarriage issues.

The final section is “DYNAMICS” where the focus is on your personality types, your styles and the strengths you bring into the relationship.  It reviews how you define Love, your attitudes about Sex and how your react to challenges and stress.  This section also delves into Communication styles, Gender differences, Five Top Needs, Conflict Styles, Priority Topics and Spirituality.

What is taking the Assessment Like?
The SYMBIS Assessment is taken online using a web-browser like Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

There are 300 questions and it normally takes about 30-35 minutes to answer them.  The question types vary so that you will find it interesting.

Remember this is not a test of your knowledge about marriage.  It is about answering questions about yourself.  You cannot fail this questionnaire…

Each couple takes the Assessment separately without sharing answers.

The results from the Assessment are then forwarded to your Facilitator Couple.  (That’s us!)

We review the results, develop a discussion plan and schedule time with the two of you.

We then meet at necessary to walk through the results, understand opportunities and work on changes you both want to make.

How do we meet together to review the SYMBIS Assessment?
We can meet in-person or if needed, online in a Video Meeting session.  In-person is the preferred way!
How much do you charge for your time as facilitators?
We offer this service at no charge.

If you wish to donate to the REALUS Ministry, that would be great and we will use it to cover on-going expenses.

What is the SYMBIS process from beginning to end?
  1. You determine with your spouse or fiancee’ if you are interested.
  2. You pay the $35 fee for the SYMBIS Assessment.
  3. We send you the invitation to take the Assessment.
  4. Each of you takes the Assessment separately.
  5. We receive the results, review and create a discussion plan.
  6. We schedule to meet with both of you as needed.
  7. You get a blessing from learning more about each other
How does this differ from re|engage?
The SYMBIS Assessment offers insights into the distinctives of your relationship and provides ideas for improving your relationship.   It is a diagnostic tool to help you learn more about your marriage.

re|engage is a longer-term process (16 weeks) of meeting with other couples to examine and grow your marriage.  No pre-assessment is done.

With SYMBIS, you get a snapshot picture of your marriage and meet one-on-one with a facilitator couple.  It will reveal things about your relationship that may not be addressed in re|engage.

re|engage will involve a facilitator couple and 3-5 other couples in a group setting for 3-4 months.

If you have attended re|engage, you will find great value in the SYMBIS Assessment.  It will add insight into your relationship and provide areas for further growth.

If you have NOT attended re|enagage, you will get similar benefits of insight into your relationship.  You may then chose to attend re|engage or other marriage enrichment programs.

re|engage is provided by churches in many areas of the country, while SYMBIS facilitators may or may not work as part of a church ministry.

What about the SYMBIS books?

The books (and workbooks and DVD) are not required for the SYMBIS Assessment, but you may benefit from purchasing, reading them and answering the questions.  We provide links to the books, if you wish to purchase them but do not feel that you must read them before taking the Assessment.  Click here to view at Amazon.

Is SYMBIS Biblically based?
Yes it is.  We all know that the Bible has a lot to say about marriage. That’s why SYMBIS comes with a Biblical guide to help you integrate more biblical insights into the pages of the SYMBIS Report as you unpack it.  Here you will find relevant passages from God’s Word–more than 150 verses, each linked to for quick reference and further context as well as other translations–connected to the various topics found in the SYMBIS Report.

Sample Pages from the SYMBIS Assessment


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