Each week, we offer a question for you and your spouse to discuss. 

We find that good questions help us learn more about each other. 

They get us out of the rut of discussing family, work, etc….


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You can scroll right/left through the questions to see previous ones.  Here are some guidelines we recommend when discussing a question:

  1. Be Honest
  2. Don’t rush.  Write down your thoughts.
  3. Don’t criticize or critique your spouse’s statements
  4. Listen actively and ask friendly questions to better understand
  5. Thank your spouse for their thoughts

How many people do you think you will see in heaven because of your witness?

What is one of the scariest risks you have ever taken?

What is the most disciplined action you have ever taken in life?

What tends to discourage you the most in life?

What one thing would make your job more satisfying?

Who would you consider your closest friend at work?

What relationship would you most like to see repaired, if it were possible?

Who can you most trust in your extended family?

What relationship do you miss the most from the past?

How honest are you being with your closest friends?

If you got an unexpected gift of $1000, what would you buy for yourself immediately?

What are you most looking forward to in the next week or month?

What one thing would you like to accomplish today, this week, this month, this year?

What dreams have you given up on?

What is the most encouraging thing you have experienced in the last month?

What Bible verse is most meaningful to you right now?

What one thing should I pray for you today?

Who would you feel comfortable calling, if you had a problem in the middle of the night?

What things do you enjoy doing so much that time flies when you are doing them?

What most annoys you about your selfishness?

What internal thoughts do you have when you are feeling selfish but are fighting with it?

What the 3 things do you most appreciate about your Spouse? Why?

What is one fear that you would like to eliminate from your life? Why?

What are some of your personal goals for this year?

What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up? Why do you think it was your favorite?

What is a destination vacation you have not taken? Why does it interest you? What would you do there?

What is more important to you? To feel loved or to feel respected? What makes you feel loved/respected?

What one country would you like to visit someday? What would you want to see? Why this country?

How would you define, in a single sentence, your life purpose?

What are three fears that you struggle with? Where do you think they originated in your life?

Describe how you would spend a perfect day of relaxation at home. What would it include if you had no other demands on your time?

Imagine two of your ancestors could join you for dinner. Who would you invite, why them and what questions would you ask them?

What is your greatest fear about growing old?

When did you first realize that your spouse was "the one" for you?

What is God teaching your from His Word?

What person has been the greatest influence on your faith?

What was your earliest thought about God?

What super power would you most like? Why?

Would you rather live to be 100 or be a millionaire? Why?

When you were a kid, what did you want to grow up to be?

Who was/is your favorite grandparent? Why??

Who do you feel would be hardest to forgive in your life?

What one place would you like to travel to with me? Why?

What is one clear time when God spoke to you? How did it change you?

What difficult experience in your past has God used the most?