We met in High School after I picked her picture out of the High School Yearbook.  Living in a small town south of Austin, Texas we had managed to attend the same school but had never met.

After seeing her picture, I called her up at the beginning of my Senior year and asked her out for a date, later that week.  After being told that she had commitments for the next two weekends already, I settled for one in 3 weeks.  But all was not lost and I managed to arrange to take her home after a football game that very week.

From there, we dated for 4+ years and were married the day I graduated from UT Austin.  For the next year we lived in California then returned to the Dallas area.

Early in our marriage, we sensed that God was directing us to work with married couples.  At that point we were just beginners but over the years, God has used circumstances to develop, in us, a deeper heart for encouraging married couples.

We have not had a perfect marriage but we have learned how to build a great marriage.  We believe that every couple can build a better marriage as we learn from God’s word!

Today, we have been married for 41 years and still live in the Dallas area.  We are active members of Watermark Church and volunteer there in the marriage ministry.

We enjoy hiking, backpacking, tandem cycling, traveling, time with family, Texas Barbecue and an occasional margarita.

We have two married daughters and eight grandchildren.

They keep us working on both our marriage and those precious relationships!