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Most everyone wants a better Marriage.

But what do we mean when we say “a better Marriage”?


Here’s what many couples say.


We want our relationship to be peaceful, respectful and understanding.  We would like the basics.


Less drama.  Calm conversations.  A little appreciation.  A sense of unity and purpose.  A kind word.
Fewer misunderstandings.


We aren’t saying we want a new spouse.
We love our spouse but something is lacking.


For 21 years and six months, that described our marriage.  We had many good times, loved each other, served faithfully in our church and lived a comfortable middle-class life.  The outside looked good.

But behind the scenes, we were frustrating each other and often on edge because conflict was always arriving.  We struggled to talk about more than surface issues.  And much of what we thought went unsaid.

Lou Ann was committed to avoiding conflict and being the great wife.  I was committed to getting approval from others to fill that empty hole inside.  And we were on a constant rollercoaster of emotions.

Something was missing from our abundant life, promised by Jesus.
(John 10:10)

“Then God.”

These two words capture what happened next in our lives.

(And what Christmas is really about…)

At that time, Lou Ann and I turned to seeking God for our marriage.  That led to a multi-year journey of discovery.

For the first time, we embraced our issues, admitted our weaknesses and discovered God’s ways like we had never understood them before.

It was a process.  It took some time.   It saved our marriage.


As we approach Christmas I want to recommend a book that will inspire you to begin or continue your journey to know yourself, your spouse and your heavenly father in a deeper way.

Along with your Bible, this book will encourage you to ask deeper questions and stay intentional on your relationship.

Think of it as a fresh drink of water that refreshes you for the next few miles in your life.

Click on this LINK, and you can find out more about it.   I’ve been giving copies to my friends and hope you will do the same.  It is easy to read yet speaks to many of the challenges you and I face.

As your read it, I encourage you to go through it together.  Make it a gift to your marriage.

My prayer is that God will meet you both in a fresh way as you are intentional in your marriage!


Merry Christmas!


Rob and Lou Ann McMillen



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