Investing in your Marriage

Often we believe that our marriage relationship will be fine with a minimum of attention.  So we invest our “extra” time in our career, our children, our serving, our hobbies, our extended family, or our social activities.

That works for a while, then our lack of attention and love leads to increasing isolation from our spouse.  And that opens the door to  problems in our relationship.

While our marriage relationship should make it one of the highest priorities in life, it often isn’t.

Maybe because we take marriage for granted?
Here are some reminders!  10 ways your marriage relationship can add value to your life.
  • We need to fight our selfishness.  Our spouse helps us avoid just thinking about ourselves.
  • We need to accept others.  And our spouse’s differences challenge us to be accepting.
  • We need to hear from God.  And He will often speak through our spouse.
  • We need to appreciate others more.  And it starts with appreciating our spouse.
  • We need to repent often.  And our spouse can be the best one to speak to our hidden issues.
  • We need intimacy to be healthy.  And our spouse is designed to fulfill our need for intimacy.
  • We need help with things.  And our spouse can offer help and advice to make the effort easier.
  • We need sex.  And God has given us a spouse as the only means for our satisfaction.
  • We need to practice our faith.  And how we treat our spouse is the best measure of what we really believe.
  • We need companionship in life.  And our spouse should be regularly involved in our leisure activities.
  • We need accountability for our actions.  And we need our spouse to speak the truth in love.

Maybe this is why married couples experience these types of benefits compared to singles.

  • Have an average net worth 77% higher
  • Experience less stress
  • Are less likely to be depressed
  • Are less likely to engage in risky behavior
  • Have better outcomes after major surgery
  • Get better sleep
  • Live longer because of a lowered mortality rate (80% lower for men and 59% of women)
  • Have children more likely to stay in school and earn four-year college degrees
  • Experience less domestic violence or violent crime (women).  Perpetrate less violent crimes (men).
  • Have children less likely to engage in criminal or delinquent behavior

Discuss these questions with your spouse to get the most out of this!

Which reason do you like the most?

Which reason do you like the least?

Which benefit most surprised you?

1st Peter 4:10  1st Peter 3:8   Matthew 7:12 




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