Love. Is. A. Confusing. Word.  Maybe that’s why the Greeks had four words for love.

But we all know what it feels like to be loved, don’t we?  And we think we  know what makes our spouse feel loved.  Or maybe not?

Because we can only feel our feelings, it is dangerous to assume our spouse feels just like us.  But we often assume they do.  So this week it’s time for a Love check-in.

How we feel loved depends on so many things.

Our circumstances, our intimacy, our mood, our busyness, our achievements, our expectations, our beliefs, our romance novels, our favorite movies, etc…

So let’s be sure we are up-to-date on “love” and what it means to our spouse.  Because we may be trying to scratch an itch, that doesn’t exist.  Not that I’ve ever done that with Lou Ann, but just suppose that were to happen.  😉

Discuss these questions with your spouse!

What’s would be my simple, one-phrase definition of “love”?

What would I say if someone asked me “what does real love feel like” ?

What makes me feel most loved?  Why do I think this make me feel loved?  Has it changed recently?  If so, why?

1 John 2:9     Ephesians 5:1-2        Ephesians 5:28      



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