15 Things You must Pray for Your Spouse

We all know that it is important to pray for one another in marriage.  However most of would admit that we don’t pray enough for our spouse.

The most common reasons for our prayerlessness are:

  • We don’t believe it matters
  • We don’t think we are worthy of God answering our prayers
  • We don’t know how important prayer is to God’s work
  • We can’t think of things to pray about
  • We don’t pray well
  • We don’t know how to pray specifically
  • We don’t feel creative in our prayers
  • We feel like our prayers are boring
  • We don’t have good examples to use

Praying God’s Word

In this post I want to get you 15 powerful things you can pray for your spouse to build up your marriage.  And if you are wondering, I’ve drawn this list of prayers from the 1st Chapter of Colossians.

In effect you will be praying the same words for your spouse that Paul prayed for those in the church at Colossae.

I also want to use this example to encourage you to imitate the many prayers preserved in the Bible as examples for us to consider.

You will find these prayers in the Psalms, the Epistles and anywhere you see the prayer of another in the scriptures.  You can simply adapt those prayers to your situation.

The result is that you are always praying scripturally plus you avoid the tendency to be overly repetitive and rote in your prayers.

God just bless them a lot.  And just be with them.  And just help them a lot.  – Anonymous Prayer Warrior

God wants you and I to pray for everyone.  And He has given us in His word all that we need to improve and practice meaningful prayer.

Fifteen Powerful Things to Pray for your Spouse

  • That they will be filled with the knowledge of God’s will
  • That they will receive wisdom and understanding from the Holy Spirit
  • That they will live a life worthy of Jesus
  • That they will please Jesus in every way
  • That they will bear fruit in every good work
  • That they will grow in their knowledge of God, their father
  • That they will be strengthened in God’s power
  • That they will have great endurance and patience
  • That they will be able to give joyful thanks to God
  • That they will recognize their inheritance in God’s kingdom
  • That they will rejoice in their rescue from the kingdom of darkness
  • That they will continue in their faith, established and firm
  • That they will be full of the hope of the gospel
  • That they will see Jesus as the fullness of God and their greatest treasure
  • That they will regularly praise Jesus for reconciling them to God and making them holy

Make it a regular Practice in your Marriage

To make it even simpler, visit this page where you can download a copy of this list in PDF format.  Print it out and several times a week pray these things for your spouse.

And here are more thoughts about prayer for your spouse and one more!


Questions to discuss with each other about Prayer

  • What is the hardest thing about prayer for you?  Why is that?

  • What prayers have you seen answered in the last year?

  • When did you pray for something and you were surprised that it was answered?

  • What is one unanswered prayer that you are struggling with now?

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