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We Have the SOLUTION for YOU and it starts with a simple Assessment!


It’s called SYMBIS and it’s a powerful relational assessment used by over 100,000 couples to better understand their needs, expectations, assumptions and blind spots.
It’s easy and encouraging and low-cost!

Developed by noted marriage experts, Dr’s. Les and Leslie Parrott, this tool will give you an opportunity to learn, explore and discuss critical topics for your relationship.

Invest 30 minutes in answering the questions separately.  Then receive the insightful results in 24-48 hours.  When you are ready, schedule with us to discuss confidentially.




Symbis Assessment Visual

Your Marriage is challenging

Take two idealistic individuals.  Add life-long commitment.  Attempt to add intimacy.
Merge in children, careers, finances, fears and hopes.
You will find struggles and fireworks and meaning and joy.
We don’t run from reality.
We want to be the Real Us.

Your Marriage is worth it

An enduring Marriage is amazing.  It is a place for Joy.
It starves selfishness and develops maturity.
And we decide if it is for better or worse.
Yours can be a Great Marriage.
Without any hiding.
That’s the Real Us.

Need Marriage Inspiration?

Explore Your Relationship

Marriage on the Rocks?

Struggling with Anger?

bout US

Married for 45+ years, we first met in High School during the 70’s.

Amazingly, we managed to survive  bell-bottoms, Nehru jackets, Woodstock, Vietnam and our own selfishness.

The story of our marriage is not a pretty fairytale but a challenging adventure that has included many doubts and struggles.  Through it all we have persevered, learned, changed and developed more intimacy.

For over 25 years we have been working with couples in the area of Marriage Coaching and Enrichment.


How can we help you in your  marriage journey?


– Rob & Lou Ann McMillen

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